How to hold your wine glass

You are at your friend’s dinner or savoring drinks at your company end of year party, chatting happily with your colleagues and new acquaintances. Everyone is enjoying a glass of wine but you are a bit hesitant to pick a glass yourself because you are not sure how to hold a wine glass.

Well, the rule of thumb is to keep your hand off the bowl by clutching the glass by the stem. This way, you help preserve the appropriate temperature of the wine you are taking.

The impact of the heat from your hands is usually more pronounced when taking champagne or white wines than the reds. Notably, white wines and champagne flow well when served chilled.


But in case your wine was served too cold, your hands come in as the most effective way to warm it. And this is usually achieved by grasping the wine glass by the bowl.

You should however be careful as your fingerprints can dent the elegance of your glass besides blurring your sight’s ability to examine the wine’s color.

So what happens if you’re using a stemless glass? To maintain the right color, flavor and the nose of your wine, you are advised to put your glass down in between the sips to prevent the gradual warming of your pour. Holding the glass as close to its base as possible also works just fine in maintaining its temperature.

It is also worth noting that sipping your wine from the same spot on the rim of your glass helps improve the appearance and scent of the drink besides making your glass look clean.

There you have it, no more reason to get embarrassed!