Fun Ways to Re-Use Wine Bottles

By Tabitha Awuor

How to dispose of wine bottles is one of the difficult scenarios that many consumers find themselves in. For many, the question is always ‘what next?’ after enjoying a bottle of wine. How about the slogan, Re-use/re-cycle after use? But then, HOW? Here are sample tips on what you can do:

  • Roller Pins

How many times have you misplaced the roller pin just when you need it most?

Take my experience for example: Visiting my brother, as a bachelor, of course, he asks me to make chapati for dinner, and so I’m all over his kitchen looking for a roller pin. Surprisingly, he points at an empty bottle of fine wine he just emptied at the weekend, hilarious! But here is the deal, some of these bottles make the perfect rolling pins. I had a great experience myself. You can try it out too.

wine 1


  • Holiday decorations

The holidays are here. Why not try something new by turning the fine bottle that quenched your thirst into a fine Santa!



  • Flower Vases

This may not be new to you. I have a friend who is making good money from flower vases made of wine bottles. So, why not decorate your home with bottled designs that suit your taste? Go ahead and give your home a unique, new look.


  • Mini gardens

Did you know that bottle you have probably kept at your store for the longest you can remember can be turned into a mini garden? Be creative and see the wonder that wine bottles can bring to your home.


  • Picture Frames

For those who are not afraid of trying something new, here is a challenge for you: Perfectly place your pictures on that bottle and give them an amazingly-unique printout.



  • Bookshelf

Give your home library bookshelf a new aesthetic touch using empty wine bottles!